Advance Paper Corporation (APC) is one of the largest paper product companies in the Philippines.

“Its core business is manufacturing, printing, and distribution of paper products for printers, school and office use. “

From its humble beginning in 1981 as a small backyard operation manufacturing ruled paper products and notebooks for the students. The company later on evolved into a multi company enterprise managing a chain of branded products that are highly visible in the consumer market today.

Advance's strongest legacy today is the strength of its brands, many of which have been part of the Filipino people for over two decades.

Advance Paper consists of notebooks (Advance, Topline, and Spring Leaf), copier paper (Advance Book Paper, Advance Bond and Hard Copy), ruled pads (Easywrite), filing products (A-Plus files and desktop printing /Avia). Despite intense competition, these brands remain the market leaders in the specific category, trusted by millions of customer for high quality and great value.

Aside from consumer products, the company also diversified into computer forms printing, offset printing, and check printing that cater to various industries such as telecoms, banks, and insurance and electricity companies.


Advance Paper Corporation is located at #47 Rodriguez Drive, Jordan Valley Village, Baesa Caloocan City, Metro Manila. 

We have employees close to 1000 people and with a fleet of over 40 delivery trucks on its peak season. Advance is supported by an extensive regional distributors, independent dealers and chain store nationwide.


We manufacture a wide variety of paper products that are essential to business, printing and educational institutions.

APC has paper products for every consumer’s needs.

Ruled Pads


Filing & Storage

Card Files

Machine Rolls

Memo Pads


Arts & Crafts

Business Records

Stationery Products

Workbooks / School Form

As part of Advance Paper Corporation commitment to save the environment, we have recently launched the production of brown paper bags (plain or printed) for use of the retail industry. These bags are made of environmental-friendly.

With the company’s desire to be globally competitive
and to adhere to world standard, the company has been
granted its ISO Certification last 29th of January 2008.

APC obtains raw materials from local and imported sources.
Local materials are obtained mostly from Bataan Paper and
TIPCO. While high quality papers are imported from
Asian and European countries.

APC’s continues its pledge to innovate its products to evolve with the changing times, to be of service to its customers and the world.


Hectare Lot

The plant rest in two-hectare lot disturbed into six factory warehouses. The labor force and machines are placed in departments consisting of notebooks and pads, cut sizes and printing sizes, office papers, and finished goods. For ample storage space, an Engineering Manager manages the warehouses.

To ensure quality control, well-trained engineers closely supervise the manpower divisions.
Supervisors go through rigid training and seminars. APC products are guaranteed in excellent condition when they reach the customers. If for some reason, we are more willing to replace the goods with new ones.
Our success depends on knowing our customer’s need and meeting them at all times.