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Advance Paper Corporation (APC)

Advance Paper Corporation (APC) was incorporated on July 23, 1981. It was started as a small backyard operation and manufactured paper products, writing pads and notebooks for students. It was then located in a rented 980 square meters warehouse in Judge Juan Luna St. in San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City.

It started its operation with two second hand ruling machines, two paper cutters, three punching machines for spiral notebooks and a book binding machine used for composition notebooks. Acquired imported sheeting machine in two years, and now produces cut-size bond paper and books.

Advance Paper Corporation shall staunchly adhere to ISO 9001 Standards, to assure the making or production of the available highest quality products in the industry. It shall constantly work to refine our quality system to promote its growth and profitability as well as its customers and employees.

Core Values


We treat each other with respect and fairness.


We conduct honestly and professionally.


Exceeds company’s performance and targets


We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the quality of every product we make and in every activity we perform.


Promote collaboration without boundaries.


We constantly improve our people, processes, and technology.
We produce high-quality, innovative, and affordable products
that customers prefer. And ensure product availability and aim
for industry-leading growth in the paper sector.


Our vision is to be a world class paper company with
a diversified portfolio of consumer paper products that
are market leaders in their respective categories.